Shelter In Place At A Rural RV Park

Self-contained RV living lends complete control over your home environment. People living in brick and mortar homes have the same benefits. But how about communal living in apartments with shared spaces and shared air circulation systems? Escaping from communal living to RV life is stepping into control of your living space with the freedom of the great outdoors at your doorstep.

If you don’t have an RV, it may be time to consider the unique pricing some RV dealers are offering: deep pricing discounts and low interest rates on long loan terms for RVs. Personally we can recommend Geoff and Darren at Fresno’s Camping world for a great deal on a travel trailer – and tell them that Almond Tree Oasis sent you. The financing was credit-rating based – under 6%, 10 year term, for Tier 1 credit. Normally we don’t recommend specific dealerships but we can’t keep from praising Geoff and Darren for such a smooth, easy buying experience.

Here are the Almond Tree Oasis we have on site laundry, including new machines coming mid-May. We will open swimming pools as soon as Fresno County gives us the green light. With 5 acres, there is space to stroll around the park. Day trips to trails and beaches are hit and miss; you need to check current Covid-19 closures info. 12 minutes away, in town, the Salty Pickle has fabulous burgers and hot dogs for take-out. They are also running dinner for 4 specials that can be pre-ordered and picked up. We recently enjoyed prime rib with heavenly garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and homemade rolls, for only $42 for 4 people. Closer to home, Baja Fresh and Subway are a 2 minute walk outside the park, located inside the Jayne Travel Center. We invite you to spend a week relaxing at our park, working and studying on our free WiFi, self-contained in your comfortable RV trailer or motorhome. Weekly and daily rates even include electricity.

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